THE BOOK-READER... or the Words and the Bees

As the bees get tangled in the trees,
I balance books upon my knees.
Some words buzz out as they are read,
and tangle deep inside my head.

Back in the olden days, my mother would release us from chores only if we opted
to read a book instead. In tribute to my countless hours of solitary reading under a
much-favored oak tree, I've written and illuminated this verse.

In a refreshing escape from the mainstream mediums, this moody image
is the result of layering paper from the back, forward. Just as there's a theory that a
hidden picture is waiting to be revealed from its otherwise-blank canvas, perhaps
paper offers a magical shape or mysterious silhouette that awaits release.

10.5" x 16" art-calendar....$17. or order three and the fourth is free.


© 2001 Olympic Art Studio, Gael McNealy