A VICTORIAN MERMAID: Awash in Imaginings

A fish swam out of my ear today...
the wide-eyed blue-green kind.
At first surprised, I realized,
the ocean had been on my mind.

I wrote this verse to reflect the unpredictable nature of imagination.

I illuminated the verse with a portrait of this ocean-dwelling philosopher. Quite unexpectedly,
as my inner artist's dialogue proceeded during this, the mermaid revealed she'd remain properly clothed. I learned it was not because of her damp environment, but due to her modest character. We bonded when agreeing that we're exhausted by some artists' penchant for portraying bare-breasted women. This world will become more enlightened when what's
ON womens' chests isn't as important, as what they wish to get OFF their chests.

10.5" x 16" art-calendar....$17. or order three and the fourth is free.


© 2001 Olympic Art Studio, Gael McNealy